viernes, 14 de agosto de 2015

Papa Panov's Special Christmas - Leo Tolstoy


Well. Yes. I knew what this story was about, I knew about its Christian theme that reflects Tolstoy own development, and I thought I wouldn't like it because I wouldn't be able to connect with it, since I'm a coward agnostic human being full of doubts. I was wrong. It has that old, homey Christmas feeling that somewhat got lost through the years. Years full of technology (not saying it's a bad thing...), materialism, fear and mistrust. Because, let me tell you, if during a cold morning, someone invites me to have some coffee at his house, I would politely reject that kind offer, fearing I'd end up dead in some woods. Yes, I may be overreacting, but bad things happen and although I know there's good people out there, I'm becoming more and more distrustful, suspicious, afraid, etc.
So, these short stories about Christmas (even though I can't relate to the whole concept), with these lonely but generous characters, make me feel a bit better.

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