sábado, 15 de agosto de 2015

El Olvido Está Lleno de Memoria - Mario Benedetti


Spanish is indeed a beautiful language. And when I read poets like Benedetti that are capable of playing with words and transmitting you such vivid images without any effort... it does not make sense, honestly. Everything is too surreal. He describes many feelings that become tangible. You can see his happiness, you can hear his sorrow, you can touch his uncertainties.
The author sends a powerful message: there is no such thing as complete oblivion. We can forget to buy eggs or to turn off the lights, but forgetting the most relevant aspects of life (often relating to other people) is quite difficult. Oblivion is filled with remembrance, he says. Denial tries to become Oblivion—he hardly succeeds.

Benedetti deals with a particular situation: when oblivion is forced on us. He takes daily, personal circumstances to another level: the political scenario that characterizes Latin America. Governments often use their power to rewrite history and force their citizens to forget certain facts. An imposed amnesia to keep their authority intact. Many people choose to forget and to other people, that is the only reality they are able to know. However, that kind of forgetfulness is deliberated. We can say “I can't remember” all the time. We are always aware of the memories others want us to leave behind. There is no other choice.

I am always aware of what I want to forget.

...ocurre que el pasado es siempre una morada
pero no existe olvido capaz de demolerla.

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