miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2016

Sarrasine - Honoré de Balzac


Ernest-Jean Sarrasine was the son of a rich lawyer that, after many problems at school, decided to become an artist. He started to work as a sculptor and after winning a competition, he went on to Rome. There he entered the Argentina Theatre and met Zambinella, an Opera singer. From that moment, he was no longer the owner of his thoughts.

But his frantic thoughts outran his pencil. He met La Zambinella, spoke to her, entreated her, exhausted a thousand years of life and happiness with her, placing her in all imaginable situations, trying the future with her, so to speak...
His passion became more profound as it became more tranquil.

Yes, more love and more obsession and that kind of stuff.
This is a somewhat thought-provoking novella that deals with some interesting themes.
I must admit that I didn't dislike Balzac's writing. A couple of amusing comments about people and society as a whole were included. Additionally, the use of lyricism is rather balanced.
But no, I can't give this book more than two stars for the simple reason that, for me, the first part of the story (41%, actually) was completely superfluous. And it is a short book... However, a paragraph to establish some context would have been enough.

Oh, alright. Perhaps 2.5 stars.

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